3/23 Cary VFW, Cary

*Special Guest - Cara Yates

3/24 Milk Bar, Raleigh 5-8pm

3/30 Mac's Tavern, Cary ​9-1am 

4/6 American Legion, Fuquay

*Special Guest - Cara Yates

4/7 Milk Bar, Raleigh 5-8pm

4/27 World of Beer, Raleigh 9pm

5/6 Milk Bar, Raleigh 5-8pm

6/1 American Legion, Fuquay 7-11pm

*Special Guest - Cara Yates

6/15 World of Beer, Raleigh 9-1am

6/23 BDD Brewing, Rocky Mt. 6-10pm

6/30 Mac's Tavern, Cary 9-1am

7/8 Milk Bar, Raleigh 5-8pm

7/20 World of Beer, Raleigh 9-1am

7/28 Mac's Tavern, Cary 9-1am

8/17 World of Beer, Raleigh 9-1am

8/18 Milk Bar, Raleigh 5-8pm

9/9 Milk Bar, Raleigh 5-8pm

9/21 World of Beer, Raleigh 9-1am

10/13 Milk Bar, Raleigh 5-8pm

11/4 Milk Bar, Raleigh 5-8pm

11/16 World of Beer, Raleigh 9-1am

12/8 Milk Bar, Raleigh 5-8pm

12/21 World of Beer, Raleigh 9-1am

We have several Private parties coming up!! 

If you have a special occasion and you want entertainment the whole crowd will enjoy, contact us!  

We'd love to ROCK your party with you!!!

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